The Inervia realm forms part of the Akora world, there are many realms to explore and see Akora in their natural world. In ancient times alchemists would summon Akora from the world of Akora to do battle for their amusement in the human world. To do this they would use relic shards to form a bond with an Akora and once that bond was made with the Akora, the alchemist and Akora would be partners for all future battles. The alchemists would use their alchemy to try and give their partner Akora the edge in battle and claim victory.
During the age of Alchemy, one alchemist by the name of Belfzor decided that he would try and bring his ideologies to fruition using dark alchemy to infuse his relic shards with more alchemy essence to summon a full power and life size Akora from the Akora world. This practice was forbidden as the battles were only supposed to be recreational with alchemists using limited power to only summon table top sized Akora. An opposing alchemist was forced to summon his own Akora using his full power to try and stop the evil alchemist in an epic Akora battle between good and evil.
Using his powerful Akora the alchemist Belfzor aimed to summon an ancient dragon from the Akora world to the human world, with the power to wipe out humanity. Belfzor’s ideology and ambitions have been lost through the ages and the events of the great disaster remain long forgotten. Following the events of the alchemy wars, the ancient art of Akora summoning was banished and all relic shards destroyed and forbidden. Over the centuries the art of alchemy gave way to science and technology and the history of Akora remains forgotten in the modern era.
Centuries later Akora is known as Akora TCG and has taken the shape of the most popular trading card game in the world. Sponsored teams take part in high stakes battles in stadiums and on TV. An organisation known as EVA Electronical Visual Advancement corporation has invented their flag ship product known as E-Vision. Using E-Vision which takes the form of contact lenses players can implement augmented reality and deep dive virtual reality to partake in realistic Akora battles. Teams from all over the world battle their way through the amateur and pro leagues to one day reach the world championships. Will the ancient world of Akora and alchemy one day resurface? What awaits our main protagonist Xion in the modern world of Akora? Will you become a world champion? Let's find out together! Welcome all to Akora TCG.